Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I need to call Miss Dig before Mr. Stump begins working?

A: Stump grinding can be dangerous and calling Miss Dig (811) is very important any time underground utilities might be present. As an added measure, I carry equipment to scan your property for gas, electric, and cable lines.

Q: What will my yard look like after CC Stump Grinder has completed the job?

A: Your yard will be restored to it’s original condition (or as close as possible). CC Stump Grindertakes great pride in our post-project clean up – just read some of our reviews! There will be no gopher holes, debris, or remnants. I’ve been told by several tree companies that I have raised the bar really high with my clean up and that’s something that should not be overlooked because the last thing you need is a lot of work on your part to get your yard back in shape.