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Stump Grinding West Bloomfield

Stump Grinding Services in West Bloomfield & Entire Oakland Co. Area

C&C tree Stump Grinding West Bloomfield is one of the most reliable services around. We are knowledgeable in stumps and guarantee effective stump grinding solutions. Our tree stump removal company will perform safe and skillful tree stump grinding services giving you the opportunity to utilize that space in your yard.

Most cases get same-day service, so whether you’re stumped is a safety hazard or just an ugly eyesore call C&C stump grinding today to start your quote!

Stump Grinding Services

The course of stump grinding is accomplished by high rpm stump removal equipment. Stump grinders will grind your stumps into little wood ship pieces of which you could utilize as mulch in your garden beds if you desire.

Should You Remove Tree Stumps Yourself?

When thinking of hiring tree stump removal services in West Bloomfield location you may have thought about removing them yourself. Before you do keep in mind that renting the equipment to complete the stump removal yourself is around the same cost as hiring a stump grinding company to do it for you. Stump grinders can weigh up to 1000 pounds and you’ll need to have the ability to tow them as well. In most every case the simplest, and most easiest way to remove a tree stump is by hiring a stump removal company. It’s also the most cost-effective. So why not hire C&C Stump grinders to get the job done for you!

Our Stump Grinder Equipment

C&C Stump Grinder services will bring the newest up-to-date tree stump equipment that is safe for any and all yard types. Tree stumps can also be dangerous so call today for a free tree quote.


Professional Stump Removal in West Bloomfield Michigan

Thank you for choosing C&C tree stump grinding services in West Bloomfield. Our company is a household name offering stump
removal services in West Bloomfield and the entire Oakland County area. ninety-five percent of our work is residential area however we do accept commercial work as well. Fully insured and licensed. We remove all sizes of tree stumps, anywhere from six inches or smaller right up the largest red oak stumps.

Our highly trained professionals are standing by eager to take care of those ugly stumps in your yard. Tree stumps when not removed can carry diseases that could disrupt your beautiful yard.

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Licensed & Insured

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4 Top Reasons to Remove Your Stumps

  • Easier Grass Mowing
  • Prevent Hazards such as tripping or falling
  • Stumps Carry Disease
  • A More Beautiful Yard


Frequently Asked Questions

How Much is Stump Removal West Bloomfield?

This always depends on the size, type, and location of the tree stump. Every stump removal West Bloomfield is different. Call today and text an image of your stump to 248-210-1089 for a fast and easy stump quote over the phone.

Will your equipment fit in my back yard?

Yes, our top of the line stump grinder will fit through most 34″ fence gates. Giving us easy access to any stump in your yard.

Will stump removal damage anything?

Here at C&C Stump Removal West Bloomfield we take deep pride in the safety of our clients and their property. We use shield to catch any flying objects and our equipment are on tracks to prevent any damage to sprinkler systems or septic tanks.

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