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Reasons for Stump Removal

Most homeowners enjoy the presence of beautiful trees in their yards; however, when these trees must be removed, unsightly stumps remain. Quick, easy and cheap methods to remove these stumps do not exist, but here are some helpful tips on what can be done.

Tree Replanting

It is often desirable to replace trees that have been removed. Keep two things in mind, though. First, the presence of the root systems from the tree you removed will make it difficult to dig a good planting hole (unless you grubbed out the roots of the removed tree). Second, organisms that rot stumps and underground wood often tie up other important resources, sometimes for years. This can make it difficult for the new tree to get what it needs to survive and thrive. Therefore it generally is not a good idea to plant a replacement tree in the exact same spot as one that was removed. It is better to situate the new tree at a short distance from the original tree, or select a new site that is appropriate for your new tree. Remember to plant your new tree at least 15 feet from the nearest structure and where it will not grow into utility lines.

Contact your local county agent or garden center for recommendations for replacement trees.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How much is stump removal in white lake?

The cost of stump removal in White Lake varies with each case. Few things to consider is the kind of tree you have and how big the diameter of the tree trunk is. Send us an email of your stump to and you’ll receive a free quote over the phone.

Do you cover my area?

If you’re not looking for stump removal white lake but live in near by cities rest assured. C&C Stump Grinding services the entire Oakland County area.

the stump is near my septic, is that ok?

The equipment we use is top of the line. fitting through most fence gates and on tracks to avoid damage to any sprinkler systems or septic tanks.

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Stump Removal White Lake – Stump Grinding & All Things Related to Tree Stumps

Tree removal might be a necessary part of caring for your lawn, but so is tree stump grinding in White Lake. Some people remove or cut down trees but leave the stump behind. We at Stump Removal White Lake know how important stump grinding is and do not leave the job half done. If you have a tree stump in your yard and would like to remove it, call us today.

Why You Should Hire a Professional

In case you are tempted to grind the stump yourself, please do not. It is important to use a professional for stump grinding for a number of reasons. One of these is that the equipment needed to carry out the job is expensive and dangerous. To operate the tools you need to have specialized training so that you do not end up hurting yourself. You also do not need to use up money buying these tools just so you can grind one or even a couple of stumps. Finally, professional arborists are able to deal with stumps that are diseased, containing the infestation and allowing other plants in your compound to still flourish. Call for our professional stump removal White Lake service now!

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